What is a Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment?

A Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment has been proven to be the best way to soften, smooth and effectively restore health back into your hair!  Brazilian hair straightening treatments are becoming a wide spread phenomenon in the luxury hair care world.  This treatment is a Brazilian way to straighten curly and frizzy hair naturally, but now is being adapted around the world. The technique is known for by other names as well such as "Escova Progressiva" or "Keratin Treatment".  Read below to learn more on how the technique works and what the benefits are of using this keratin hair treatment for your hair.

In Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatments, heat is used to seal in the hair cuticle with keratin.  Keratin is the natural protein that is found in human hair, and you can discover more about Keratin here.  The process takes just 90 minutes and the results transform your hair from mundane to extraordinary and also helps to straighten curly and untamed hair.  The performance of this treatment is also very positive and it gives you effective straightening for your curly hair for up to 3 months.  Now you can enjoy salon quality results without actually having to step into a salon every day!

There are some other chemical treatments and hair straighteners available that contain chemicals which open the hair cuticle to achieve smooth results.  But the Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment uses keratin which is a protein that is found in your hair naturally.  Keratin is the protein that will make your hair tough, elastic and durable.  If you want to have healthy and straight hair then you need to restore the keratin back into your damged locks of hair.  This technique is a natural treatment and once it has worn off there will be no chemical imbalance and your hair will be back to its original state.  The general process will allow the natural negative irons that are produced to break down the water molecule clusters into micro particles which in turn will allow the mixture to penetrate deep into the hair shaft and begin the straightening process naturally.

The Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment is the best hair straightening treatment and is setting the standard for straight hair not only in Brazil but all across the globe.  It works for everyone with any type of hair suffering with unmanageable, curly hair, wavy hair or frizzy hair.  There is finally a solution to give you the straight and smooth hair that you have always wanted.

This process is really different to the straightening solutions, treatments and relaxers that are already on the market today. The Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment is a temporary straightening treatment that lasts an average of between three and four months, depending on how often you wash your hair.  The most amazing thing about the Brazilian keratin treatment however is the fact that the Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment actually improves the condition of your hair as it straightens it.

The treatment originated in Brazil and you will often hear it being referred to as "Escova Progressiva" or Progressive Blow Dry.  The reason that this treatment is not classified as a straightener or a relaxer is due to the fact that both of these use harsh chemicals that change the texture of your hair, making the Brazilian keratin treatment a truly revolutionary treatment that softens, smoothes and gives you an end result of perfectly smooth and healthy hair.

Although no treatment to your hair will re-create the hair fiber, it will fill in the damaged area of your hair.  It is the filling in of the damaged area of your hair that makes your hair feel silky again. As the Brazilian keratin treatment helps to repair your hair when it straightens it; every time you get the treatment performed on your hair your hair will appear straighter each time it is done.