Keratin Hair Treatment

Wondering what the allure is about the Keratin Hair Treatment?

A keratin treatment, as its name suggests, is a hair treatment solution based on the improvement of the most important component of hair, keratin protein.  Keratin is what makes hair smooth and shiny.  Some people also refer to keratin as liquid hair.

A keratin hair treatment is a process of smoothing and straightening damaged hair or curly hair, frizzy hair or wavy hair. It makes hair stronger by penetrating the hair to repair internal damage and coat the hair preventing further damage.

The Brazilian keratin hair treatment is excellent on all types of chemically treated hair like colored, bleached, permed, relaxed, or previously straightened hair.  It is a very good and efficient treatment for curly hair, frizzy hair, damaged, dull hair.  Keratin is a natural substance, and it comprises approximately 88% of your hair.

Keratin is natural, hence Brazilian treatments can be used on children (12 years and older), teens, and adults (men and women).

One important distinction about the Brazilian Gloss Keratin Hair Treatment is that, because it is not a chemical treatment procedure, it does not have a permanent effect.  It naturally fades over time out of the hair. Your hair will remain soft, silky, and glossy for up to twelve weeks.  The more often you use the treatment, the better the condition of your hair.  This treatment also makes your hair very manageable, streamlining your daily regimen.  It only takes 90 minutes for a Brazilian keratin hair treatment to smooth and straighten your hair.

Although no treatment to your hair will re-create the hair fiber, it will fill in the damaged area.  It is the filling in of the damaged area of your hair that makes your hair feel silky again.  As the Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment helps to repair your hair when it straightens it; every time you get the treatment performed on your hair, your hair will appear straighter each time it is done.

Another feature of the Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment that makes it stand out from other forms of straightening is the fact that this treatment actually works better on hair that is damaged.  So if your hair is in bad condition because you regularly dye or bleach it, you can still have the Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment performed on your hair.  Most other straightening treatments or relaxers can’t be used on hair that is damaged or hair that was recently been dyed.

For more information on how to leverage keratin for hair straightening, read info about the Brazilian Hair Straightening approach.

Before keratin hair treatment   After keratin Hair treatment

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